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70MW1   Single Fold    Metal Dispenser    $ 25.00 Each

Use: SK1850 Brown Towel




772828 Roll Manual   ***Free-terms apply   771828 Roll Auto (Batteries) $25.00

Use: 313/319 Towel




552028 BLK  or  552020 WHITE    Multi-Fold  ***Free- terms apply

Use: 101294 Towel






552120A White Only    Multi-Fold   ***Free-terms apply

Uses: 101294 Towel







5510282 BLK or 5510202 WHT     Torkmatic Roll Manual    ***Free-terms apply

Use: 290088/ 290089 Towel








5511282 BLK or 5511202 WHT     Torkmatic ROLL   AUTO (Batteries) $25.00 each

Use: 290088/290089 Towel

772828- MANUAL.jpg
771828 AUTO.jpg
552020 MF WHT.jpg
552120A WHT.jpg
552028 MF BLK.jpg

Most of our dispensers can be found on the TORK website, feel free to check there if you don't see something you are looking for. We are a local distributor for Tork, so was can get what you need! Visit : 

*** Terms apply to receive dispensers at no charge.

        Please call us for more info. 906-774-2030

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