Cloots & Swanson is a 3rd party site contracted to perform Identogo's fingerprinting services. 
If you need to get your fingerprint background check done, please refer to your employer's or agency's instructions and contact IDENTOGO directly to make an appointment, they will assist you. 
Please make sure you are providing your employer or agency with your LEGAL name that is on your ID, DL, or PASSPORT. It must match your appointment information.
1-866-226-2952 customer service
Starting May 1, 2021 we can accept credit card & check or money order payments on site. NO CASH will be accepted. Credit card holder must be present. No exceptions.
After 5/25/21 all appointments must be made with a billing account or credit card/check/money order on site. (sorry still no cash accepted).
1. Must make your appointment with the local courthouse before you can proceed any further.
2. Once you have your paperwork from the courthouse, you MUST go to IDENTOGO.COM or call Customer Service 1-866-226-2952 to schedule your appointment for fingerprinting. Credit cards/check/money orders are now accepted at Cloots & Swanson at appointment time.
3. Please bring your paper from the court, your receipt from the courthouse and a valid state ID to your appointment. We can not fingerprint you if you don't have these items!
For any other Fingerprinting questions, please contact Identogo or the Employer or Agency that is requesting the fingerprinting background check. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the correct forms and paperwork for us to preform the fingerprinting. We can not make changes or reschedule appointments here. Please keep in mind this is a legal background check through the state of Michigan and we must follow all rules and procedures set forth by the State and Identogo.
Thankyou for your cooperation!
Cloots and Swanson Team